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Therapeutic filter that blocks 100% of UV420 HEV rays.

In recent decades, scientists in medical researching a different diseases and visual disturbance, came to the conclusion that the protection from UV rays is not sufficient protection to preserve the health of your eyes.

Sunlight is essential for the normal and healthy lifetime, development and preservation of healthy living. This is the reason why we should not eliminate. Commercial UV filters are currently available to protect the health of our eyes in the light spectrum up to 400 nm

The question is what about the fact of the harmful effects of high-energy visible light or one part of high-energy visible radiation of blue / violet light – HEV rays? This rays are in the range of 400-500nm lightwave.

How many of us are aware of the danger rays ? Because of their short wavelength and high energy power this rays that are able to reach the retina of our eys and make a long-term vision damage.

Protect your eyes from harmful UV420 rays.

REMUVE Protection lenses.

The REMUVE420 protection lenses in own structure contains cells that are able to absorbe segment of the bad UV and HEV rays. Great advantage is that these lenses do not create a bluish glare on the surface of the lens, disturbing realistic conception of colors from the environment. The lenses are crystal clear, and they are intended for use in all circumstances.

Who needs UV420 Protection lenses?

REMUVE420 Protection lenses are intended for all users:

• The issue of harmful effects of high-energy visible light is more evident in children vision because of transparent and crystal clear lenses.

• The daily challenges of modern society affecting young people who work in areas with artificial lighting. They spend a lot of time working at the computer and using smart devices. Now more than ever they need of additional REMUVE420 protection.

• Today, most of the elderly population more often suffer from cataracts and macular degeneration. To avoid potential problems, now we recommend preventive solution as REMUVE420 protection lens.